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The question of what to write for a blog with my personal name attached to it has always pondered me, as this decision is not to be made lightly. It will definitely not be about work related issues, for how much I’m enthusiastic about my work and how much I anticipate to contribute, I would rather my professional resume be detached from a blog that is so personal to me. I could talk about the numerous pleasures of life, of fine food and splendid images. But such a topic would only show how I am, where I am, what I am, but not who I am.


It finally came to me that in order for this blog to live up to its own name, it must be about me. In the book The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership, the last law to be presented by John C. Maxwell, an evangelical Christian writer, was the law of legacy:


 “What do you want people to say in your funeral?”

 This might seem an odd question, and will draw some uncomfortable reactions from the audience, but if there’s one thing that none of us can evade, it is birth and death.


We are born with nothing but our inheritance, and we die with nothing but we leave a legacy.

One day people will summarize your life in one single sentence, the question is: do you want people to pick it for you, or let yourself pick it?


 Are you living up to your dreams and aspirations, be the person you want to be?

At times of cynicism, it seemed that I will leave no trace behind, and my life will fade like a passing breeze. However, my spirits were rekindled when I seized the moment, that special moment which happens in everyone’s life, which turns everything around and which greatness is found. It was my finest hour.


Then I realize it was not by chance that this moment can upon me, but of a series of events that happened before my birth, during my childhood and my adolescence who molded me into who I am. Without the experience, I would not have seized that moment.


Therefore, this is a blog about me, about who I was, who I am and who I will be. It is also a story about my family, my inheritance which I stand upon, and for everyone who I’ve encountered, who molded me into who I am.


And let the story begin.



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