Spissky Hrad

I barely look at my old pictures, some pictures which were taken a while back when not everyone had the privilege of a DSLR. But when I do, it does stir up memories, and this picture is definitely one of my favourites.

Spissky Hrad, this place came up on my browser when I was doing research on what places to go in Slovakia. We were planning a trip in Eastern Europe and we had to pass through Slovakia to get from Hungary to Poland. Slovakia wasn’t really in my list back then. But the picture of a magnificent castle, standing all alone on a hilltop, observing a landmass of empty wilderness immediately captivated my imagination. It was my desire to go there, and be in that place, but it was so out of place.

What if reality is inferior to what I envision? What if it’s too difficult to get there and we get trapped in the countryside? There were no direct trains, only buses roam through 5 hours of empty wilderness.

But that sense of adventure, the determination to see for myself the castle that could only be in pictures of millions of others who dream but dare not leave their comfort zone, pushed me to explore.

And I did, that day, I was fulfilled. Because I was living in my dreams. And that fulfillment will always live in this picture.

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